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Congratulations to Bounce Bounce Mania for becoming the Highest Rated Bounce House Rental Company in Utah

We’ve been teaching methods of social media marketing and making sure your company provides the best IT Staffing Solutions and great services possible in order to gain the trust of your customers.

We wanted to recognize a company that really paid attention to what we teach here on our blog. Bounce Bounce Mania in Salt Lake City, Utah has worked hard to get over 30 5-star ratings on Google Plus Local. That’s over twice as many reviews as their closest competitor in the area!

How did they become a leader in the inflatable rentals industry? By setting goals, making a plan, executing that plan, and doing the best job possible for each and every customer that wanted to make their birthday party, family reunion, school carnival, or church event the most memorable experience for all ages.

Oh, they also have a very informative blog called Bounce House Rentals Utah where they write about Inflatable rental safety, how to be a better parent, tips on keeping kids educated and entertained, etc.

BBM has also established a great social media presence. You should take note of how beautiful their social media pages are. Here’s a list:


Bounce Bounce Mania

(801) 438-3695

4707 Villa View Dr.

Unit C

Salt Lake City, UT 84120

The most important action you can take to succeed in any business.

You’ve probably heard this before many times, but if you hear something over and over, it means it’s important!!

You have to know where your destination is if you’re going somewhere and it’s no different in business.

It is absolutely necessary to know exactly what you want out of life in all areas:

  1. Spiritual (not necessarily religious)
  2. Giving
  3. Education
  4. Intellectual
  5. Career
  6. Financial
  7. Physical
  8. Leisure
  9. Commmunity/church
  10. Emotional
  11. Family
  12. Relationships/friends

The easiest and most effective way I know to do this is to visualize your perfect day. Let’s say it’s 5 years from now and you have just awakened to a perfect day. Your life is Fantastic! You feel energized and excited. Look around your perfect bedroom. What do you see? Who are you with? Leaving the comfort of your bed, you delight in the beauty of your home. What sounds do you notice? Smells? As you walk thru your home, What colors do you see? You look outside the window, is it cold or warm? What do you see outside? What’s in your garage? What’s in your backyard? Where is your neighborhood?

Then go through the day. What/where will you eat? What will you do? With whom will you do it? Whom will you help? What situations are typical with your perfect life? What activities will you participate in?

Don’t limit yourself at all. Don’t worry about time or money. While you’re dreaming this up, HOW YOU GET THERE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Write it all down in a notebook. EVERY DETAIL! If people would do this exercise at night instead of watching TV, there’d be no economic crisis.

Once you have it down on paper, go thru each element of your perfect day and label each in one of the 12 categories above.

Now that your destination is clear, make a goal notebook and start writing goals for each element. Your dream should make you cry. If you feel strongly enough about your dreams, the HOW will appear- in other words, you decide that whatever it takes, you’ll do it!

Now imagine at the end of perfect day, the one you love (hubby, wife, child, etc.) grabs you by the hand, looks into your eyes, and says, “”Thank you…” then gives you a big hug…whispering in your ear, “Thank you for doing what others wouldn’t do, so that we can live like others can’t. You’re wonderful.”

Once you’ve written out your perfect day, or even if you need help making it happen, call me.

Dan Dimit


What business people can learn from Thanksgiving on how to improve their businesses

Thanksgiving isn’t just once a year. You can do a mini version on a daily basis.
I learned the 15 minute miracle a while back in Dennis Karganilla’s training from a guy named Seth.
Here’s how it works. Every morning during your Golden Hour (the hour after you wake up and the hour before you fall asleep, in which your brain is closest to the subconscious) take 15 minutes to do the following.
Do this for 30 days straight and your life will be transformed!!
Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. On the left hand side at the top write: I’m grateful for” and on the other side of the line at the top, write “I’m attracting” or” I have coming” or “I’m working toward getting”
Now start with writing down 10 things you’re grateful for, but don’t just write it, but with each item stop for 10 seconds and actually FEEL the emotion of gratitude for it, whether it’s your mom or dad, technology that lets you have access to information, or your car that gets you to work, or books or other people that have influenced you for the better.
Then start on the other side and write 10 things or situations that you are working toward and take 10 seconds and actually vividly imagine that you already have it in your possession or in your life.
Take 15 minutes and do this every day and your life will change for the better.

Principles and Values for any successful business owner

I hereby acknowledge that every man and woman inherently embraces the right to pursue happiness. In the financial realm, in family matters, in hobbies, in every area of life the mind can conceive, people strive for joy. Yet rare are the ones who actually reach it. Few are the ones who understand how to achieve it.

XGOPRO and the XGOPRO training system was formed by the common will of people united around the same idea: to materialize both the success of the Sukanto Tanoto and the realization of the individual’s pursuit for happiness.

To realize this lofty quest, all individuals involved in XGOPRO are encouraged to abide by a set of principles and values which expand the good in the human heart, which advance humanity, and which establish success and happiness in the most intriguing and pleasant ways.

From this quest the following principles were derived. We entrust them to you, with the firm assurance that all who are privileged enough to read these principles were derived. We entrust them to you, with the firm assurance that all who are privileged enough to read these principles will adopt them and make them a part of their person.

1. I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
2. I will maintain a positive attitude in all cricumstances.
3. I will give of my time, myself, and my resources without keeping tally of the generosity I display.
4. I will be worthy of the trust others grant me.
5. I will keep the promises I have made.
6. I will never make excuses for myself.
7. I will be able to reassess my actions and thought processes at all moments.
8. I will enhance my company’s image through all my actions, both active and passive.
9. I will use my innate visionary abilities to be creative and to strive for excellence.
10. I will respect both the spirit and the letter of these principles and values, and I will make them my own.

What business people can learn from successful Trick-or-Treaters

  1. Dress for Success
  2. Plan your route wisely to minimize time in the field
  3. Start early and work late.
  4. Ask for the order (trickortreat!!)
  5. Network to find the best prospects
  6. Nights filled with cold calling
  7. Ask for your fair share and then come back later for the upsale
  8. If you want more treats, make more calls
  9. They say “Thank You!”
  10. If you didn’t get all the treats you wanted, you only have yourself to blame

The YouTube Slap — Unfortunately, We Were Right…

At the end of 2008, we predicted that Google would implement a “video slap,” and a few weeks ago it started on YouTube.  Here’s last year’s post:

There are a bunch of suggestions on how to avoid having YouTube take down your accounts.  A lot are extremely accurate, but a few I beleive to be a bit off.

Here are the suggestions that we think people are dead right about:

  1. You should only have one email address associated with each account
  2. You should never post duplicate content
  3. You should always make your videos relevant
  4. You should never purchase views
  5. You should never ever use software to add friends, comments or ratings automatically
  6. You shouldn’t keyword load your descriptions with non relevant search terms

Here are a few suggestions that we think people are wrong about:

  1. Multiple accounts will be deleted when using the same IP — We think that this is very unlikely because of the large amount of Universities and other public locations that share IP addresses.  Also, many family members have individual accounts.  If YouTube was going to start shutting down accounts using the same IP, then to many accounts would get shut down.  As a result, to many people would get upset and likely switch over to another popular video sharing site like Revver or MegaVideo.
  2. You are in danger if you are pitching affiliate programs or network marketing opportunities — We think that YouTube is o.k. with you doing this as long as you provide good content and obey the 6 suggestions above (Plus we have numberous affiliate marketing videos and network marketing videos that have not been taken done because of YouTube’s slap)

Here is one HUGE suggestion that we believe 100% to be true that we see nobody else talking about:

  • YouTube will link your accounts together if you are placing the same URLs in the descriptions for multiple accounts

This means that if you do plan on having and creating multiple accounts, and you don’t want YouTube to associate one account with the other, then our best suggestions are to:

  1. Only put the URL to your website on the descriptions for one of your channels
  2. Always sign up for a new account with a different email address
  3. If you are extra concerned about IPs then use proxy services

Here’s one more thing to keep in mind that nobody is really talking about:

  • With YouTube’s new insight feature, they are tracking the attention people are giving to each video.  If people are watching your entire video, YouTube can see this and then easily assume that your title is extremely relevant to the information on the video.  As a result, YouTube will rank your video higher.  If YouTube decided to rank a bunch of your videos high knowing that your videos are relevant, then they really have no reason to take down your account.  This goes back to the concept of providing good content, which as everyone is figuring out, is exactly what Google wants.

Alright, I haven’t written an eBook on the YouTube slap, but I have written a free eBook on the Google Slap.  It’s called “How to Reverse the Google Slap for Free Google Traffic.”  If you haven’t had the chance to read that book, then you can download it here:

Hope this info helps!

Daniel Pereira

P.S. Please make sure to share or bookmark this post below…

Are you sitting on your hands, waiting for traffic to come to your website?

I was presented with a great challenge this weekend by surprise and I took it (mainly because I really had no choice!)

Daniel and I got another project for a local business. In case you haven’t heard, that’s probably our biggest income increase and growth lately—Providing perpetual lead generation systems to local businesses. We only know of 1 other company that is doing it besides our Premier Internet Marketing, LLC and they are in Florida. THEY CHARGE 7X WHAT WE CHARGE!!

Anyway, this particular project is for pay-per-click strategies where we offer a service for regular companies to pay about 15% of the average cost per click. We get paid on performance level only, so there’s no risk to the company-either they get results or they don’t pay. Not bad, eh?

So Daniel is actually the expert when it comes to pay per click and setting up the capture/squeeze pages, but I don’t want any money coming into our bank accounts unless I have put value into the equation. I’m not a fan of getting paid for nothing (success secret!! There is no success without effort and sacrifice). So I asked him what I could do to help out with it…I should’ve known he would issue a difficult proposition…This is one reason I like him as a business partner-he challenges me constantly so I’m always improving (success secret! Get a challenging biz partner)

He said, “Okay, you can build a webpage, just on MS Word, HTML not necessary yet, with the ad copy for a squeeze/landing/capture form to go from a PPC-type ad.”

Whoa, I’ve never done this type of thing before. I’m used to web 2.0 stuff where people know you a little before they go to your capture page, meaning you don’t need as much copy to get them to opt in…This was not just a short capture page, but it also wasn’t a looooong sales page because we’re not selling anything. It’s actually a free offer to get the lead. (The shorter capture page is really cool and it’s a smokin’-good offer for free. Check it out if you want to see the kind of capture pages we like to do. I said of course I can do that and I’ll have the rough draft to you Monday (See the last paragraph of the post to see the success lesson here).

Okay, long story short(er)… What the heck am I supposed to do?? Well, I say this a lot- “Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius”. I Googled “how to create sales copy for a squeeze page” and grabbed a few nuggets and opened up about 7 of my favorite sales letter-type of websites and started writing. It actually wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I just told myself. I’m not going to eat or sleep until I’m done with this. No more than 1 5 minute break every hour. It took me 2 hours and I was done. Awesome.

Entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and risk everything to build a parachute on the way down in time to save themselves. Sometimes the only thing to get you moving enough is to jump off that cliff.

Please comment !! We love to get your feedback. Suggest what you’d like to know about and we’ll get ‘er done for ya.

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to sign up for the free mini course and ebooks and conference calls up there to the left.

How To Make $3 A Day 700 Times

Hey everyone!  Daniel Pereira here with an amazing article that my friend Marlon Sanders allowed me to post to the blog.  Let us know what you think!

“How To Make $3 A Day 700 Times”

==> Subtitle:  In 2009, do you know your FORMULA and do you know
exactly HOW you’re gonna SCALE it up?

By Marlon Sanders


Six months ago I’m chit chatting on the phone with
my friend David Frey from

Dave told me he had these 2 friends.

And these guys made $11,000 a day using Google Adsense
back in the haydays of that thing.

They had fancy boats, houses, cars, the whole nine yards.

These guys wanted to sell one of Dave’s printer kopen but it
wasn’t the right deal. And maybe one of my Dashboards
would be right for them.

They could move 5,000 units a week. And while I wouldn’t
get much per unit, maybe I could work out a deal to get
the customer names then sell stuff to ’em on the “back

I’m not one to hop on deals like that.

Instead of running a big business with a bunch of employees,
I run a small ship.  On a good month, we run a tight ship.
And I have to stay focused on the few things I feel we
do best.

That would be creating my own brand of products and selling

Still, if these guys could bring me the names of 5,000
customers a week, that’d work.

I spoke to ’em on the phone and before I could blink an eye,
they’d flown in.  They found my office using a GPS thingy.
Didn’t even have to give ’em directions.

I immediately thought, “Wow, I WISH I could hire these guys!’

Anyway, we hang out and chit chat.

They told me the whole $11,000 a day adsense story.  Now,
these guys fly WAY under the radar on purpose. You haven’t
hear of ’em and they like it that way.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure about the $11,000 a day Adsense
story.  ‘Till they showed me a few pix of houses, cars, boats.
You get the idea.

Alright.  You’re who Dave said you were.

One of the guys was thin, not tan, looked like a family guy,
pix of his wife and kids in his wallet.  Really, kinda an
average-looking dude.

A bit understated when he talked. He was the “nice guy.” His
friend was “the negotiator.” Or that’s how I perceived it.
Don’t get me wrong. I liked both of ’em.

He told me his whole theory of bringing in the bucks with online

You get a small margin on something, Then you blow it up really

Like adsense.

They made a small margin on each page or site. But they blew it
up big time.  I think they had a whole team of people in India
doing it.  A lot of people.  I don’t remember the exact numbers.
But a lot.

Anyway, I didn’t do the deal.

I’d have to give up on how my products were sold.  Everything.
I could private label. But it ain’t like people don’t know
Dashboards are from me.

I invented ’em, along with Sales Letter Generator software, along
with the freebie gift before you ask for the testimonial, along with
the 12-step sales letter writing formula everyone teaches, along
with the 2-page web site model. Along with a lot of stuff.

So I didn’t do the deal.

But for Christmas, the understated guy sent me a gift basket from Lucy’s Market. That was a nice touch.

So when you speak at a lot of seminars, everyone and their dog sends
you gift baskets.  But when my mom got Alzheimers, I stopped doing
the seminar circuit.  And then, after a guy ran a red light and hit
my car doing 70, it’s not so easy for me to go on the road anymore.

I have to find a chiropractor usually.  I get invitations.  I could of
gone ton Singapore 2X last year.  I turned down another gig. I spoke
in UK but had to hunt down a chiropractor on a Saturday!!

That means I’m not flooded with gift baskets like I used to be.  So
a guy like this guy. Or a Yanik Silver.  Guys who remember you, even
if you aren’t as much in the limelight. They stand out.

Well, the other day this guy sends me an email.  I won’t go into
details.  But I found out his LATEST venture….

Another cookie cutter.

He found a way to make $3 a day from web sites selling affiliate
products.  OK.  You’ve heard that before ad nauseum.

But here’s the TWIST:  The dude did it 700 times!

And I know it’s true.

Come on now. You should see the dude’s boat. Actually, I think
technically it’s a yacht.  I don’t know much about boats.

But he sent me a video of the account.  It’s true.

You know, let’s have a candid moment here.

Probably four thousand people have came out with that whole
“make a little site and do it 4,00X pitch.”

It’s older than the hills in Internet marketing terms.

Now, something you gotta understand here.

I hired a personal trainer and was working out like a maniac.
Cardio every day. Lifting weights. Getting muscle and really
strong. But 3 days before Xmas we did some leg weights.

And the day after Xmas I had this BIG bulge in the mirror.
I’m like, “What the $$)#*( is that?”

A hernia. So now I will likely miss Yanik’s gig to have this
fixed so I can get back in the gym.  In the meantime, when I
don’t exercise, I don’t sleep that great.

Particularly the night before I talked to this guy.  So I’m
in NO mood for b.s.

I’m just flat out BLUNT:  I say, “Bro, you got NO USP here.
Forty million people have said they got this formula to make
3 bucks a day with web sites.”

He said, “Yeah, but I’ve done it 700 times!”

THAT got my attention.

He actually employs 3 people in the Philippines who just do
this thing full time.

Which got my attention because I have a friend in the Philippines
who needs work.

Then I SMACK him hard again, “Dude, the whole article marketing
thing has be done to DEATH!”

I found out he doesn’t use articles to get the traffic. It’s a
web 2.0 thing. Frankly, nothing fancy at all.

He told me if he does it personally, he can create one of his
sites and the marketing for it in 15 or 30 minutes, outsourcing
the actual web site part.

Now, NONE of HOW he does this matters. At least not for this

Here is my POINT:

He’s the ONLY PERSON I really know who post-adsense has really
delivered on the promise of getting a whole bunch of web sites
that make 3 bucks a day.

But even that isn’t the REAL take away here for you.

To me, it’s this:

He found ONE THING that made 3 bucks a day that was simple
enough to outsource. Then he outsourced it.

Just simple repetition.

The GLITCH in all these “repetition” pitches I hear is that yeah
they got 5 or 10 sites that make a $10 a day or whatever. But
they don’t scale up.

However, if you CAN find a way to do it that will scale, it’s
very powerful.

And the reason I’m writing this article and you’re reading it is
to say this…

My friend made $11,000 a day in Adsense by getting ONE thing that
worked. Then scaled it up.

He did the SAME thing with this dirt simple little system.  And I
haven’t asked him yet. But I bet he’s done it with other things.

You HEAR people talk about this pitch with article marketing.  But
honestly, I don’t think you’ll come anywhere near $3 a day per
article with article marketing.

What my friend did was EXPERIMENT.


1.  He doesn’t use Clickbank or Commission Junction for the
affiliate stuff.  His testing showed those didn’t convert for this

2. His traffic source is NOT article marketing.  It’s a web 2.0
thing that’s not really being used tons by others.  At least, not
for affiliate marketing like this.

This article is about the power of repetition and scalability.

In my business, I developed a way to roll out product after product
to my list.

And a way to get money in the door every month. A method hardly
anyone else does, when I stop to think about it.

What I’ve just given you is the secret behind all great wealth,
accomplishments and achievements.

One formula.

Done with excellence.

Performed over and over.

A lot of people have read “Amazing Formula.” Thousands actually.
But not many really understood it.

What I said in that product was you build a list and roll a new
product out to it every month.

I was the first person I believe to really say, “Hey, a NEW era of
marketing has arrived.  Using the web and ebooks, you can create a
new product every month and roll it out to your list.”

Most people don’t understand that’s a MODEL.  I called it a FORMULA
but it’s a model.  The FIRST one that really said we’re in a new
era of digital products.  And you can roll out to your list every

Now, that model kinda morphed into “build a list and hammer it with
affiliate products.”

You can do that.  I’m not sure it’s the optimal way to go about it.

What’s your MODEL?

Do you KNOW?

Do you have a month-by-month plan for implementing it in this new
year?  If you don’t know what your MODEL is, THAT is why you have
problems with FOCUS.

That is WHY you feel overwhelmed.

Because you don’t know the OUTCOME.  You don’t know what FORMULA
you’re following or why.  You don’t know HOW you are scaling up.

If you do, or if you don’t, spit back at me on my blog:

I personally respond to most comments there.  NOT an employee.

How many other marketers who have sold millions online are willing
to RESPOND to posts on their blog?

I’m not an “ivory tower” marketer where I’m like Moses on the
mountain with the 10 commandments and if you come near me without a
handful of money I’ll strike you dead with lightning!

That’s kinda how Internet marketing is nowadays.

I’m not saying I’ll have lunch with you or hang out.  I won’t.  But
I WILL read your blog post and try to give you an intelligent
response, even it’s brief.

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

I dedicated an entire YouTube channel to promote “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy” because it was able to help me out so much in my marketing.  You can check out that YouTube channel here:

Extreme Cash Coaching: The New Internet Marketing Community!

Well, Dan and I are excited because of a new internet marketing community that we are involved with.  This is exactly what people need in order to truly succeed in internet marketing!  Also, you won’t believe how helpful a number of these community members are at promoting any websites and products that you may have!  Here’s a quick video where I explain what Extreme Cash Coaching is all about:

And here are our new video channels that we put together specifically for Extreme Cash Coaching, or ECC! Also the antispyware software review 2016. (that’s my channel) (that’s Dan Dimit’s channel)

Let us know what you think!

Google Slaps: Here’s what you should do immediately!

#1:  Download my free eBook on how to fix the Google Slap (69 page PDF, yours free).  Here’s the link:

#2:  Don’t pay the $1, $2, $5 or $10 per click that Google might be asking for.  They have increased your AdWords costs because you have done something wrong.  If you pay these higher costs, it will just cost you a whole lot of money.  People in the past have thought that if they pay these high costs for a short while, then their AdWords costs will go back to normal.  This simply is just not the case.

#3:  Realize that there are usually only 4 types of website that are affected by a Google Slap.  These are:  #1  1 page or sales letter type websites.  #2  “Squeeze” or capture page style websites.  #3  Websites implementing what is known as AdSense Arbitrage.  #4  Affiliate style websites.  If your website is one of these 4 types of website, then you likely got slapped because you had little to none relevant content on your site. 

#4:  Start fixing things with Google.  You likely need to create extra content for your site.  The free eBook will guide you through the steps to easily make this happen.  Enjoy!

Daniel Pereira

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