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Archive for October, 2008

Google Slap 2008: What’s Going On?

First off, I have written an entire free eBook entitled “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic.” This eBook is 69 pages long and covers the history of the Google Slap and step-by-step how to fix any Google Slap. Here’s the download link: O.K., so it’s 2008 now and there are […]

Free Advertising On Google: Why Some Site Owners Get Slapped And Others Get Confused

It’s probably my favorite reaction to the Google slap: “Why does anyone pay for advertising with Google? If you know anything about SEO and work at it a bit, you get great placement for free.” Now, the person who wrote this post was confused, and I now understand why. You see, getting free advertising on […]

REAL Free Google Advertising: The 3 Steps I take For Free Advertising on Google

There are 3 steps I take in order to get free advertising through Google to my blog. Step #1: Market Research Step #2: Keyword Research Step #3: Staying consistent With My Posts The steps I take are different if I want to get free advertising using my videos, articles, or through a social networking site. […]

Free Advertising With Google? The Hype Behind Free Google Ads Programs

I wanted to write this blog post today because I recently researched a product that claims that they can get you free Google AdWords. When I learned a little bit about how this product teaches you how this can be done, I immediately decided that I did not wish to purchase that product. So, here […]

Free Google Advertising: A Quick Example Of How We Got Free Advertising With Google In One Day…

Just a few days ago, Dan Dimit and I had a great opportunity to help our friend Kelli Roe. You see, there are some businesses hurt buy today’s economy and others that aren’t very affected at all. Kelli’s business? Well, Kelli is a hair dresser here in Utah, and she let us know that people […]

Free Google Advertising and The Best Tricks For Optimizing Specifically For Google

With my experience and with my association with many “techies,” there are a few “tricks” that everyone seems to agree that works best for optimizing your website for Google. I’ll start with a quick story. For one of my websites, I was a victim of the infamous Google Slap. This means that Google wanted me […]

An easy-to-use marketing principle for Social Media Marketing

    Here are some hints for those of you that don’t have a passion for your product yet or haven’t figured out what type of product to sell. Put yourself in the mind of the general public. Have you heard of anything selling really well lately? What are the major problems and what results […]

One principle you must understand to be successful in Social Media Marketing.

People buy on emotion, then they use logic to justify their purchase. In other words, people do exactly what they want to do. Many times, this has NOTHING to do with their needs. If you think about it, you know this is true because if they made their buying decisions on their needs, everyone would […]

Using Social Media Marketing to get them to buy your stuff.

There’re 3 reasons why people won’t buy from you.   1.   They can’t afford it. 2.   They don’t need it. 3.   They don’t trust you.                                                        You should base your research on these. Especially the first 2. If your market can’t afford the product or service you’re thinking about selling, they will never buy […]

How to Use Social Media Marketing to get through the Financial Crisis.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get traffic to your site is through video marketing. But you have to do certain things in a certain way. When adding your “description” to the video, implement these in the following order… First, type in your capture page address…  (Your Own Domain or affiliate link […]