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Archive for November, 2008

Free Traffic Tips: How To Make More Money And Get More Traffic Using Social Marketing

It’s the technique that can drive massive amounts of your profits for your business, but most people don’t do it.  Why? Well, I believe it is because most people don’t think outside the box.  You see, if you had a great new website that you wanted to advertise, what would you likely do first?  Most […]

Free Google Advertising: 3 Quick Ways To Dominate Your Google Rankings!

Have you heard of people who say they can get a top 10 Google ranking in less than 24 hours?  If you haven’t, and you think that this sound “too good to be true,”  then think again!  I have prepared this special article today to explain 3 different ways that you get a top 10 […]

Free Traffic Tips: How To Get Maximum Exposure And Free Website Traffic With Each Article Submission

There are a few authors out there that have a huge false conception that when it comes to article marketing, quantity is better than quality.  For short term spikes in traffic, this statement may actually be true, but if you want free traffic from articles that you have written for years to come, the truth […]

Free Traffic: Part 2 of What NOT to do for free website traffic.

In the business world, what happened in the last post is a form of “Interruption Marketing,” a term coined by an Internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin, in his book, “Permission Marketing.”  (great book by the way) Godin estimates that the average American is exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages every day, so many darned ads […]

Free Traffic: What NOT to do in order to get website traffic.

What the DOES Dating have to do with getting people to buy my stuff? Well, they both start with relationship building.   To illustrate how relationship building on the Internet really works, here’s a quick story about an average guy… we’ll call him Rick.   Things had never come easily for Rick, but he worked […]

Free Traffic : They’re gonna be mad !!

    What I’m about to say is going to make a lot of the guru internet marketing crowd out there really mad. It might get me some hate-mail, but what else is new? Have you seen all the free info I give out in the name of the Free Traffic Formula? Most of what […]

Replicated website: Quickest way to get FREE traffic to your replicated website

Here’s one of my favorite ways to get free traffic to your replicated websites. Reviews and reports I love to do reviews of new technology and “free Reports”, etc. I do this quite often when I see new programs out there for network marketing and business opportunities, etc. For example, I did a review (blog, […]

Google Slap 2009: What Are The Predictions?

If you want my entire eBook for free on the Google slap, then download it now… Some internet marketers are already wondering if Google will implement more slaps in 2009.  Well, it looks like that Google has accomplished a huge part of their goal with previous Google Adwords Slaps, so my guess is that […]

Replicated website: Part 2 On How to use Replicated websites for your Business.

Here’s part 2… Web 2.0 is difficult to describe. It’s really just the 2nd generation of websites: Better technology allowing much more interaction between internet users. The best examples are youtube, myspace, facebook, squidoo, twitter, etc. How can you use these to get visitors to your replicated website? It’s called Social Media marketing, using what […]

Replicated website: What is it and how can it benefit my business?

Many people that are just starting out with internet marketing or network marketing will have no choice but to use a replicated website. 99.9% of all affiliate programs which offer a web page or web site as part of the joining package, give what is referred to as a “self replicated” site or page. This […]