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Archive for December, 2008

Google Slapping: What if you could slap back?

Is Google slapping you?  Here’s what you’ll want to do first:  I wrote an entire eBook and I give it away for free on the Google slap called:  “How to Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”  You can download it now! So, if Google starts slapping you, what could you possible do […]

The Google AdWords Slap…

The Google AdWords Slap affected myself and many other marketers across the web.  I wrote and entire eBook and I give it away for free so that other marketers can avoid this frustration.  You can download this 69 page PDF right now: The Google AdWords Slap of July 2006 has continued to affect a […]

New Google Slap Possibilities

I’ve got an entire eBook on the Google Slap that I give away for free (69 pages long).  It teaches people how to avoid the Google Slap and how you can start getting free website traffic straight from Google.  Feel free to download it now! What are some new Google Slap possibilities?  Here’s what […]

Free Traffic Techniques: How To Generate Traffic And Sales Through Your Article Marketing

There is a specific process that you can follow to assure that you will generate sales through your article marketing.  I want to share this process with you today because there are a good amount of people who use article marketing for their businesses, but they generate very few sales through their efforts.  Here’s the […]

Google Slaps: A Quick History

Here’s my free 69 page eBook on Google Slaps and how to avoid them: There have been a few different Google Slaps that have taken place over the past few years, but everything started with the first “big” Google Slap back in July of 2006.  This was when Google started to really enforce their […]

Free Traffic Using Blogs: Why It Pays To Not Be Lazy

It took me a long time to finally decide that I was going to start posting to other people’s blogs in order to get more free website traffic.  I just didn’t understand the power behind doing so. You see, at times I like to only focus on the most “easy” ways for generating free website […]

More Free Traffic Creating Multiples Of The Same Video (Multiplying Your Video Marketing Efforts)

I am about to share with you a great secret that will directly multiply your efforts in your video marketing.  As a fair warning, some people may see this tactic as a “black hat” technique to video marketing.  Personally, I find nothing wrong with it, but if you feel like that this would be considered […]

Avoid The Google Slap: Target Your Keywords Correctly

I’ve written a whole eBook on how to avoid the google slap, it’s 69 pages long and I am giving it away today for free, just for visiting my site!  When referring to the Google AdWords Slap, people usually get fairly frustrated because they know that they are targeting correct keyword phrases.  For example, […]

Free Traffic Using Forums: A Good Or Bad Idea?

There are a number of people who wonder if they should even bother with the concept of creating more free website traffic with forums.  You are about to see that it depends on your niche market.  Basically, you are about to learn the few simple steps that you can take that allow you to see […]

Free Traffic Techniques: Why YouTube Marketing?

There are a few really great reasons why people in most businesses should consider using YouTube to further grow their business.  I personally use YouTube so that I can drive free traffic to many of my websites.  And as hard as this may sound, you should see for yourself how easy I do it.  Really, […]