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Here are some hints for those of you that don’t have a passion for your product yet or haven’t figured out what type of product to sell.

Put yourself in the mind of the general public. Have you heard of anything selling really well lately?

What are the major problems and what results are people willing to pay for? Obviously, there’re economic problems, but that’s getting into needs, which are logical. People buy on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic later, Remember?  Then again, if the economic problems are so big, so as to cause emotion, then people might buy. But by that time, it may be too late and they no longer have the money to purchase.

For information products, we suggest you look at Clickbank and search the marketplace and see what’s selling well.

For tangibles, go to Ebay and and check out top chainsaws reviewed by Rob and what’s selling well and what’s getting great reviews. Don’t look at anything unless it sells well online…this is about free Traffic Generation and the purpose of market research is to get your ideal product and a way to get it purchased and shipped in the easiest way possible, going back to affiliates. Then the second most important aspect of the market research is to get your keyword research correct.

Now that you know the wants (not necessarily the NEEDS) of your prospects, it’s time to put your findings into your marketing techniques.

Let’s say you find a niche market, electrical generators. This is a buying target market. People don’t usually jump on Google and type in “Electrical Generator” just to casually learn about them. They are looking for the best type to fit their needs and break out their credit cards.

Now you know what part of the country people are buying them, how much they’re willing to spend, how often they buy them, etc.

Write your headlines to catch the eye of those looking for your particular benefits. “How a generator can literally save your family in the event of a hurricane!”  Gather info on how to solve their problems and write your information articles (which will be the basis of your exposure techniques.) More on this in further chapters…

Proctor & Gamble spend $500 Million dollars every year researching product opportunities…

Please remember that you should be spending 80% of your production time doing market and keyword research. One huge benefit of this is the fact that while you’re doing your research you have a great side benefit…you’re becoming the expert you need to be to provide great content and add value to the world of online info. Which, in turn, will give you the needed credibility to earn the trust of your prospects. If you’ll remember, this takes care of the 3rd factor of why people won’t buy what you’re selling.

Dan Dimit


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