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Archive for 'Generating Free Traffic with Web 2.0 and Social Marketing'

What business people can learn from successful Trick-or-Treaters

Dress for Success Plan your route wisely to minimize time in the field Start early and work late. Ask for the order (trickortreat!!) Network to find the best prospects Nights filled with cold calling Ask for your fair share and then come back later for the upsale If you want more treats, make more calls […]

2 Words: Free Traffic. That is why Social Marketing Rocks!

It’s official!  Social marketing is in and paying for my advertising is out.  You see, ever since I have discovered the power of using social marketing in my businesses, I have paid less and less for my advertising, and for some businesses, my advertising cost is a big fat zero.  How can all of this […]

Free Traffic Tips: How To Make More Money And Get More Traffic Using Social Marketing

It’s the technique that can drive massive amounts of your profits for your business, but most people don’t do it.  Why? Well, I believe it is because most people don’t think outside the box.  You see, if you had a great new website that you wanted to advertise, what would you likely do first?  Most […]

Social Marketing allows you to have your own TV show

Think about your YouTube channel as your own online TV station…because that’s what it is. If you owned your own TV station you would be coming up with fresh, new content. That was the idea behind YouTube all along. The idea that average everyday people could become Stars! That’s what you are! The star of […]

How to use market research in social marketing, Part 2

Here’s a continuation of the last post so you don’t feel like I left you high and dry (by the way, this is a great way to get people to buy your info products, etc. Kinda like a movie trailer…Now that youve started it, you HAVE TO FINISH IT!) You should base your research on […]

How to research your market and use the info in social marketing

We preach “My Story Marketing” constantly in our training, so I’d say it’s appropriate to start with a story. This is what happened with Daniel Pereira and his first attempt at writing and marketing a digitally delivered product. He’s going to wish physiacl harm on me for telling you this…sshh…maybe he won’t notice this post. He […]

Here’s an outline for telling your story for Marketing Purposes

 This is one of my favorite (NO, not just ’cause it’s easy…okay, maybe it is) things to do with the web 2.0 social marketing websites. You just introduce yourself and tell the world you’ve arrived. Tell a little about yourself, just enough to let them relate to you. Intro Here quickly state your name and what you […]

5 Major Secrets To Myspace Marketing

With around 200 million users, MySpace can be an amazing opportunity for marketing your products or services if you do things the correct way.  But if you don’t know some of the major secrets behind doing your MySpace marketing, then you can easily mess up and possibly ruin your reputation along with the reputation of your company.  […]

MySpace Marketing: Your Biggest Tips For Making Money on MySpace

O.K., so if you have ever considered getting your feet wet with MySpace Marketing, then there are a few pieces of advice that can really help you out. You see, there are a lot of people that get into MySpace marketing, do a couple of simple things wrong, and then get their accounts shut down. […]

What is web 2.0 and why should I care?

What do Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Utterli have in common? They are all Web 2.0 Platforms… What exactly is Web 2.0? and how can you use it to get FREE LEADS and Traffic?? This is a slang term for INTERNET, 2nd Edition…This time around the internet is much more interactive. The Internet, before about 2004, […]