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2 Words: Free Traffic. That is why Social Marketing Rocks!

It’s official!  Social marketing is in and paying for my advertising is out.  You see, ever since I have discovered the power of using social marketing in my businesses, I have paid less and less for my advertising, and for some businesses, my advertising cost is a big fat zero.  How can all of this […]

Free Traffic Using Traffic Swarm: Will Daniel Label This One A Scam?

Now, I am very careful when I label anything as a “scam.”  I am an owner of many websites, and in certain markets, you can do everything right and still have people be unhappy with you.  On one of my websites it really kind of got to me when somebody unsubscribed from my list and […]

Free Traffic Programs: Traffic Swarm, Yes or No? I say…

I say traffic swarm works for only one type of website.  And to discover why it works for this one type of website, all we need to do is look a little into the mindset of the type of person that goes to traffic swarm in order to get free traffic.  If you have experimented […]

Free Traffic For Your Blog: Exactly Why Social Bookmarking And How To Get All Those Buttons On Your Blog!

If you have started to discover the power of blogging for your online businesses, then you are going to want to maximize your efforts and get as much blogging traffic that you can for free.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up your blog so that it can be easily […]

Free Traffic Programs: The Evergreen Traffic System, Yes or No?

This is a review of what I consider to be another great product.  I normally dislike doing reviews on products that aren’t spectacular.  Why?  Well, whenever I read bad reviews, it normally sound like somebody complaining, and frankly, I don’t like hearing people complain.  So, you aren’t going to hear me be very critical about […]

Free website traffic: Steps 1, 2, and 3 for thousands of free visitors

Lots of people would like free website traffic, but very few people are willing to put forth the real effort involved in obtaining that free traffic.  This is great news!  Unless, unless of course you are one of the millions of people on the web that don’t want to put effort into this.  You see, […]

Free Traffic Secrets: Here Are The Best Secrets For Getting Free Online Advertising!

It’s really funny, I used to think that I would never be one of the internet marketers that had my websites come up at the top of the search engine results.  And the reason I thought this was because I thought that it was never ending battle to get to the top.  So, I basically […]

Free Traffic Using Misspelled Keywords? Here’s The Test!

Many people wonder if they should try and use misspelled keywords in blog posts and articles in order to drive free traffic to their websites.  Well, the real question is, would this tactic work?  Well, here at, we have created an entire website designed to drive free traffic to your websites.  So, we figured […]

How To Get Free Traffic And Increased Internet Profits: Give everything away for free?

I am really pleased with some of the results that I have achieved through giving people free information over the web, and there is one example of a company that has really been a huge example for me when it comes to giving away free info on the web for huge internet profits.  That company […]

Best Tips For Free Traffic To Your Website: Give Everything Away For Free?!?

It’s something that some people will say “everyone is doing,” and what other people will say “nobody is doing.”  And in my opinion, I believe that it is something that very few businesses are doing.  And that is giving away information for free.  You see, most online businesses are to “traditional,” and when I say […]