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Archive for 'MSM (My Story Marketing): A Free Traffic Technique'

Are you sitting on your hands, waiting for traffic to come to your website?

I was presented with a great challenge this weekend by surprise and I took it (mainly because I really had no choice!) Daniel and I got another project for a local business. In case you haven’t heard, that’s probably our biggest income increase and growth lately—Providing perpetual lead generation systems to local businesses. We only […]

SO ya want to be an Expert in your Niche, but have no experience…

Let me show you how I got around all this worrisome stuff. Even though I failed many times, and tried a lot of things that didn’t work, I accumulated a lot of knowledge along the way that would be beneficial to others, to help them avoid the pitfalls I went through and the mistakes I […]

Here’s an outline for telling your story for Marketing Purposes

 This is one of my favorite (NO, not just ’cause it’s easy…okay, maybe it is) things to do with the web 2.0 social marketing websites. You just introduce yourself and tell the world you’ve arrived. Tell a little about yourself, just enough to let them relate to you. Intro Here quickly state your name and what you […]

5 Major Secrets To Myspace Marketing

With around 200 million users, MySpace can be an amazing opportunity for marketing your products or services if you do things the correct way.  But if you don’t know some of the major secrets behind doing your MySpace marketing, then you can easily mess up and possibly ruin your reputation along with the reputation of your company.  […]

Here’s a story…

The one thing I want to encourage you to do above all else is to continue to educate yourself. If you aren’t of this mindset, you will never be able to be successful long-term. To really make the kind of money that can set you free, you’ve got to acquire an insatiable appetite for anything […]

Free Traffic Generation: Prepare for the Marathon!

Well, I finally did it!  On Septemeber 20th I ran my first marathon, and let me tell you, generating free traffic to your websites has a whole lot of things in common with marathon training.  In fact, I did an amazing job at comparing the two when I was training for this marathon.  (By the […]

Amazing MySpace Marketing Training… All Free!

Step aside gurus!  There is no need to charge the newcomers to teach them about MySpace Marketing.  I have seen a few eBooks for sale that will teach people many of the basic and advanced techniques for MySpace marketing, but I have put together a little 3 part video series that will teach people almost everything they […]

Why Use My Story Marketing In Your Business

Dan Dimit and I really enjoy using My Story Marketing to grow our internet business and our network marketing businesses.  In this short little video, I explain why using My Story Marketing will be so beneficial in almost whatever business you are trying to grow, online or off.  Here’s the video: