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Congratulations to Bounce Bounce Mania for becoming the Highest Rated Bounce House Rental Company in Utah

We wanted to recognize a company that really paid attention to what we teach here on our blog. Bounce Bounce Mania in Salt Lake City, Utah has worked hard to get over 30 5-star ratings on Google Plus Local. That’s over twice as many reviews as their closest competitor in the area!

What business people can learn from Thanksgiving on how to improve their businesses

Thanksgiving isn’t just once a year. You can do a mini version on a daily basis. I learned the 15 minute miracle a while back in Dennis Karganilla’s training from a guy named Seth. Here’s how it works. Every morning during your Golden Hour (the hour after you wake up and the hour before you […]

Principles and Values for any successful business owner

I hereby acknowledge that every man and woman inherently embraces the right to pursue happiness. In the financial realm, in family matters, in hobbies, in every area of life the mind can conceive, people strive for joy. Yet rare are the ones who actually reach it. Few are the ones who understand how to achieve […]

How To Make $3 A Day 700 Times

Hey everyone!  Daniel Pereira here with an amazing article that my friend Marlon Sanders allowed me to post to the blog.  Let us know what you think! “How To Make $3 A Day 700 Times” ==> Subtitle:  In 2009, do you know your FORMULA and do you know exactly HOW you’re gonna SCALE it up? […]

What does Barack Obama’s Presidency Mean for Internet Marketers?

There are positive and negative aspects of Barack Obama’s new economic plan. Some parts the plan should help us out as internet marketers. There are other parts that might hurt us. First, let’s start with the best news…we internet marketers are a resourceful bunch and we’ll probably make sure that everything goes well for our […]

WordPress Scheduled Posting Problems: Are You Making My Mistake?

Well, I wasted about 5 hours of research and 2 days of stress over the concept of my scheduled posts not publishing on my blog (please don’t laugh, others have had my same problem).  You see, in the newest versions of the blogging software, there are ways that you can save time by scheduling your posts […]

The 5 Character Traits of Successful People

        I’m sure you realize that there are lots of Americans who enjoy a lifestyle where they no longer have to worry about day-to-day expenses and are physically and mentally fit. Everyone knows that they’re out there. How about the percentage?  Can you guess? Well, it’s 2% of this great nation’s population. It’s […]

Free Leads Chasing You Means Free Leads Forever, And Big Profits!

I have never been so excited about the internet!  With the power of this valuable tool, we are able to truly multiply our efforts in a big way.  For example this one simple article I plan on sharing with multiple article directory sites.  Also, I plan on posting this article to each one of my […]

Submitting Multiple Articles: Submit your articles to hundreds of websites free!

Let me start off with a question.  What do you think of when you see something like this:  Starting Point:  You Your message goes to 3 people Each of those 3 people share your message with another 3 people Those 9 each share your message with 3 people.  Etc. etc. etc. End result:  Your message […]

What is web 2.0 and why should I care?

What do Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Utterli have in common? They are all Web 2.0 Platforms… What exactly is Web 2.0? and how can you use it to get FREE LEADS and Traffic?? This is a slang term for INTERNET, 2nd Edition…This time around the internet is much more interactive. The Internet, before about 2004, […]