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Archive for 'Using Video Sharing Sites for Free Website Traffic'

More Free Traffic Creating Multiples Of The Same Video (Multiplying Your Video Marketing Efforts)

I am about to share with you a great secret that will directly multiply your efforts in your video marketing.  As a fair warning, some people may see this tactic as a “black hat” technique to video marketing.  Personally, I find nothing wrong with it, but if you feel like that this would be considered […]

Free Traffic Techniques: Why YouTube Marketing?

There are a few really great reasons why people in most businesses should consider using YouTube to further grow their business.  I personally use YouTube so that I can drive free traffic to many of my websites.  And as hard as this may sound, you should see for yourself how easy I do it.  Really, […]

Free Traffic Tips: How To Create And Upload 100 YouTube Videos In One Day!

Imagine being able to create and upload 100 YouTube videos each and every day.  What kind of exposure would that bring for you and your business?  Well, I am here to tell everyone that it is very possible to create and upload 100 YouTube videos in one single day.  At the time I am writing […]

Free Google Advertising With Videos

About 1 week ago I shared with you how I get free Google Advertising for my blog, but today I want to share with you how I get top search engine rankings with my videos. This time I use 4 steps to make sure I get good rankings on the search engines with my videos: […]

Social Marketing allows you to have your own TV show

Think about your YouTube channel as your own online TV station…because that’s what it is. If you owned your own TV station you would be coming up with fresh, new content. That was the idea behind YouTube all along. The idea that average everyday people could become Stars! That’s what you are! The star of […]

Free Viral Marketing: The Tricks To Creating a Great Viral Video

  It’s every video marketer’s dream:  That their video will get passed from person to person all across the web, bringing massive exposure for them and their business!  The only problem?  People aren’t very good at sharing, And even “perfect” videos may only get shared by a few people.  The solution?  Create each video so […]

Free Viral Advertising Using Videos

I almost didn’t even realize what I had done.  It just came so naturally to me even though it is something that I maybe do only about 1% of the time.  In fact, I almost felt like I got “tricked” into doing it!  But at the same time, I felt o.k. about doing it.  You […]

Youtube Marketing: How to make money on Youtube

When was the last time you saw a boring video on YouTube? Well, if you are a big critic like me, I usually find that about 90% of all of the YouTube videos are rather boring! This means, that the last time most of us saw a boring video on YouTube was the last time […]

Viral Video Tactics: How to Create a Great Viral Video

It’s one of the biggest accomplishments you can do with video:  Getting people to think that your video is so great that they want to share it with the world!  So, what are some of the great examples that we can look to?  Well, the first one that I think of right off of the […]

Getting Your Google Traffic For Free: Now anyone can easily get free traffic from Google!

And the good news is:  Even though Google makes billions of dollars selling advertising, they also allow many ways for you to get free advertising.  The trick is that most people have no idea how to get advertising for free on Google.  What people need to discover is that if you create content that is […]