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Website visitors free: A speech I had to get out there, although it’s controversial.

It’s interesting how many people start a business, but unlike other professions, never get the proper training to succeed. It’s one reason why most businesses fail, both online and offline. What profession do you know, be it a Chiropractor, Lawyer, Professional Bowler, Chef, in which that person didn’t go through some sort of training process […]

Website Visitors Free: How some “Gurus” pretend to help with internet marketers

What I’m about to say is going to make a lot of the guru internet marketing crowd out there really mad. It might get me some hate-mail, but what else is new?           Have you seen all the free info I give out in the name of the Free Traffic Formula?   Most of what […]

Website visitors Free: The important first step to getting free website visitors.

  Let’s imagine the hype for a second… $50,000 your first month with no experience. The best (we should say it better—the most believable) lies have a hint of truth. I can’t believe people delude themselves and actually believe that phrase. I’m sorry I have to tell you this, but that doesn’t happen. People that […]