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Google Slaps: Here’s what you should do immediately!

#1:  Download my free eBook on how to fix the Google Slap (69 page PDF, yours free).  Here’s the link:

#2:  Don’t pay the $1, $2, $5 or $10 per click that Google might be asking for.  They have increased your AdWords costs because you have done something wrong.  If you pay these higher costs, it will just cost you a whole lot of money.  People in the past have thought that if they pay these high costs for a short while, then their AdWords costs will go back to normal.  This simply is just not the case.

#3:  Realize that there are usually only 4 types of website that are affected by a Google Slap.  These are:  #1  1 page or sales letter type websites.  #2  “Squeeze” or capture page style websites.  #3  Websites implementing what is known as AdSense Arbitrage.  #4  Affiliate style websites.  If your website is one of these 4 types of website, then you likely got slapped because you had little to none relevant content on your site. 

#4:  Start fixing things with Google.  You likely need to create extra content for your site.  The free eBook will guide you through the steps to easily make this happen.  Enjoy!

Daniel Pereira

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