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Here’s a story…

The one thing I want to encourage you to do above all else is to continue to educate yourself. If you aren’t of this mindset, you will never be able to be successful long-term.

To really make the kind of money that can set you free, you’ve got to acquire an insatiable appetite for anything and everything having to do with sales, leadership, marketing, relationship building, and business skills.  There’s an old story I’d like to repeat to you. I heard it for the first time from Ann Sieg (while studying others with more knowledge and better skills than I had). You know, the lady that you can’t get away from no matter what MLM company you put into the search engine.

A number of years ago two men came here from Cuba. There are thousands of people who risk their lives on tiny little boats  to make it to America every year, but let’s just focus on two of them. They both arrived here on the same day, a new life in front of them.  One of them was a dishwasher who worked at a hotel in Havana. He somehow managed to steal $500,000 from the guests who stayed at that hotel and make it ashore with all that cash on him. The other one barely made it alive on an inner tube with absolutely nothing but the tattered clothes on his back. Not a single penny. But this guy was a brain surgeon in Cuba. One of the best, in fact. Now imagine 5 years have gone by. Where’s the dishwasher? The one who came here “rich?”

Most likely he’s broke and living on the streets. Or perhaps in jail. Maybe even dead. You see when he got here, he probably carelessly spent all his money on luxury cars, houses, drugs, partying and other impractical things. Once he ran out, the only skill he had to make more money with was washing dishes. But after having a taste of “the good life,” there was no way he could go back to doing that. So he probably turned to crime and eventually wound up living in a 6 x 6 cell. 

The other guy – the one who came here with “nothing” – has a great house in an upscale neighborhood, a wonderful family, a nice car and in general, a very prosperous life.


Because he came here with the only real wealth, the only true financial security there is in life… …the kind that’s between your ears! And no matter how broke he temporarily was, he would always be able to pull himself out of that situation.

You can do the same if you acquire skills that are highly valuable. And as we’ve discovered, there are no skills more valuable than those of sales and marketing! We’ll help you gain that knowledge and use it specifically on the internet.

Dan Dimit

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