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The Google Slap: Here’s The Thing…

Here’s the thing.  I was a victim of the Google Slap, and it was a bit frustrating.  I mean, I went from being able to pay about 25 cents per click one day, to $1, $2, $5, and $10 per click the next day.  But, did I let this get in the way of my internet marketing success?  Nope!  I worked hard and figured out how to fix things.  While I was at it, I even took the time to learn the really effective methods of getting free traffic from Google.  As a result, I took something hard and turned it into something profitable. 

Problems, believe it or not, can be a great thing.  Think about this:  If there weren’t any problems to solve, then there wouldn’t be any opportunities to generate more income.  We run into problems all of the time online, and the solutions can be worth a lot of money.  This works in the offline world as well.

Example:  I have a problem because I am hungry.

Money Making Solution:  McDonalds builds a new restaurant near my home.

Example:  I have trouble driving in my neighborhood during winter because of too much snow

Money Making Solution:  Studded Tires

Example:  My CDs don’t work anymore because of too many scraches

Money Making Solution:  My wife bought me this CD scratch remover kit. 

As you can see, with problems come solutions.  And solutions almost always come with a price tag.  The Google Slap has affected a lot of marketers.  I wrote a book as a solution.  I give it away for free.  I still profit from this when people want to learn additional secrets that I have discovered for internet marketing.  Enjoy your free eBook!  You can download it now for free…

Daniel Pereira

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Avoid The Google Slap And Make Google Happy Again!

Here’s probably the #1 resource on the web to avoid the Google Slap.  It’s a free 69 page eBook that I have written for you called “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”

So, what is my #1 secret for avoiding the Google Slap and making Google happy?  Well, it is actually what I am doing right now:  writing blog posts for my site.  You see, each and every time I take the small amount of effort to create a new blog post (many of my posts only take about 15 minutes each to create), I end up creating a brand new page for my site.  As a result of all my blog posts, you can go to Google, type in site:, and see all of the many pages that I have created for my site in a very short period of time.

As a result of constantly posting to my blog, my site has a bunch of relevant content.  When Google decides to slap people, it is almost always because they don’t have enough relevant content on their site.  So, the obvious #1 way to avoid things is to grow a blog on your site (by using the blogging software). 

So here’s proof that this makes Google happy:  2 words- free traffic!  You see, once you have started to create enough content for the web, your site will start to get spidered, indexed and ranking in Google’s search engine.  When you create enough of this content you also start to receive organic search listings.  Why would Google start to give you tons of free website traffic if you weren’t making them happy?

Daniel Pereira

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What is the Google Slap and How Do I Fix My AdWords Account?

The Google Slap is usually also referred to the Google AdWords Slap.  This is when your account goes from being able to pay 20 to 50 cents per click, to $1, $2, $5, and sometimes $10 per click.  I wrote an entire eBook on how to fix everything:  “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”  You can download this 69 page PDF right now for free:

So, the question is, how do you fix your AdWords account?  How can you get your AdWords costs back down to 20 to 50 cents per click?  Well, usually this depends on the reason why your site got slapped by Google.  In most cases, this will be because your site has little to no content on it.  For all other reasons, you’ll have to take a look at the free book.

So, assuming that your site got slapped because of little to no content, how do you fix your AdWords account?  Well, the easy thing to do (which unfortunately may sound a bit difficult) will be for you to add more quality content to your site.  The easiest way I know how to do this is to start a blog on your actual site.  You see, maybe your site is on internet marketing, and you decide to pay for AdWords for the keyword phrase:  banner advertising tips.  Maybe the product you sell teaches people the secrets to banner advertising and how to make it profitable.  Assuming this is the case, your site probably got slapped for that keyword phrase because you failed to write content on your site that let Google know that your site also talks about banner advertising.  In this scenario, what you would then do is take the time to create 5 or 10 blog posts, all talking about banner advertising.  After Google starts to spider, index and rank these blog posts, then you site will get “unslapped” for that particular keyword phrase. 

Daniel Pereira

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Google Slaps: Here are a few marketers that have been affected…

I go into great dept on Google and their “slaps” in my free 69 page eBook:  “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”  You can download it right now for free: 

Here are a few different reactions from marketers that have been affected by the google slap.  I think you’ll be surprised at how different these reactions are:


I advertise my business through Google, and my website sales have stayed the same, and my costs have gone down.

Whatever they did worked for me.

THANKS ! Google!


Apparently, Google thinks that NONE of my keywords are relevant and now I need to pay $5 and $10 per click.


Why does anyone pay for advertising with Google? If you know anything about SEO and work at it a bit, you get great placement for free. My web company comes up on the first page for all the terms I target and I’ve never paid Google a dime. I even get Google analytics for free. Seems to me you guys are wasting a whole lot of money.


Wow!  What different reactions!  You’ve got 3 completely different groups of people here.  One group tells you that their costs actually went down, the second group’s cost skyrocketed (that was my group), and you have a third group of people wondering why people are spending so much money on Adwordswhen Google will advertise your business for free.  My whole point with sharing these three different reactions with you today are to show you how the Google Slaps that are implemented are in a way fair.  You see, if everyone’s costs just went up, then there would have been a revolt.  But since some costs went down, some stayed the same, and some skyrocketed, this just proves that the Google Slaps that occur are just so that Google can punish marketers who are abusing the Google AdWords program.  The people that are doing things right are actually rewarded by Google. 

Now, if you need help fixing any Google Slaps, then the details on how to do this are in the free eBook that I provided you with.  Enjoy!

Daniel Pereira

Please comment on this blog post with any ways that you have been affected by the Google Slap…

What is the number one New Year’s Resolution around the world?

A worldwide survey of New Year’s resolutions found that the number one goal of all people around the world was (drum roll please) …

“Striking a better balance between work and play.”

Google Slapping: What if you could slap back?

Is Google slapping you?  Here’s what you’ll want to do first:  I wrote an entire eBook and I give it away for free on the Google slap called:  “How to Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”  You can download it now!

So, if Google starts slapping you, what could you possible do to slap back?

Unfortunately, there is very little real “slapping back” that you can do.  I mean, you could decide to become a huge “black hat” guru and try and trick Google any ways that you could, but this honestly won’t be a very great way for you to manage your internet marketing career.  So, it looks like your absolute best options will be to actually work with Google in order to start benefiting from them.

You see, what I am saying here is that one of the best ways to “slap back” is to actually take the time and learn how to get free website traffic from Google.  What you are going to want to do is get on Google’s good side.  And how do you do this?  Well, I discuss all of the details in the free eBook.  But, there is a short answer to the question:  To really get on Google’s good side, all you need to do is create great quality content for your site.  It really is true that content is king, especially in the eyes of Google.  So, avoid any future Google slapping, do things right, and enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Daniel Pereira

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The Google AdWords Slap…

The Google AdWords Slap affected myself and many other marketers across the web.  I wrote and entire eBook and I give it away for free so that other marketers can avoid this frustration.  You can download this 69 page PDF right now:

The Google AdWords Slap of July 2006 has continued to affect a number of different internet marketers.  Most people that start to use AdWords think that Google will let you advertise your site for almost any keyword phrase.  Unfortunately, this is not the case, and as a matter of fact, Google has ways of determining if your site “is allowed” to advertise for certain keyword phrases.  You’ll notice that if you purchase Pay-Per-Click advertising on other sites, then this will not be the case. 

This is what usually happens when you get slapped:  First, you start a new campaign for Google AdWords.  You are usually able to pay “normal” advertising costs at the very beginning of your campaign.  We are talking about usually paying between 20 and 50 cents per click.  Second, you are able to pay for Google AdWords for sometimes up to 24 hours without any penalties.  Third, your advertising stops and Google tells you that you will need to increase your quality scores or pay a higher advertising cost.  This new cost is usually $1, $2, $5, and sometimes $10 per click!  (Don’t pay for these new costs, they can bankrupt you.  In the past, some people thought that if they payed these high costs for a couple of days, then their costs might go back down to normal.  This isn’t the case!)

So, why does this happen?  Well, this usually always happens when you try to advertise for keyword phrases that you think your site should “be allowed” to advertise for, but for whatever reasons, you haven’t created enough content on those keywords to the extent that Google thinks your site is relevant to those keyword phrases. 

How do you fix things?  Well, long story short, you create a bunch of quality content designed around the keyword phrases that you want to optimize for.  What’s the long story?  Well, I go into great detail on how to fix things in the free eBook.  Enjoy!

Daniel Pereira

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New Google Slap Possibilities

I’ve got an entire eBook on the Google Slap that I give away for free (69 pages long).  It teaches people how to avoid the Google Slap and how you can start getting free website traffic straight from Google.  Feel free to download it now!

What are some new Google Slap possibilities? 

Here’s what we have already seen in the recent past:

The first “Google Slap” of July 2006:  The AdWords Slap.

October of 2007:  What some considered to be a “slap” on blogs.

March 2008:  What some claim to be a second phase of the Google AdWords Slap.

So what are some predictions for the future? 

Obviously Google is constantly in a battle to remove spammers and “black hat seo” experts from their search results.  So, we will likely be seeing future adjustments to Google AdWords as well as Google’s search engine algorithm in order to better serve search engine users. 

Here’s another prediction:  A Google “Video Slap.”  You see, it is my thoughts that Google will in the near future implement what I call a “Video Slap.”  This slap would come due to the fact that there are a number of video marketers that have discovered that Google will easily rank videos.  The problem is that many of these marketers have used this method to do a good amount of spamming.  People are able to easily create videos and then have those videos have little or nothing to do with the keyword phrases that they are optimized for.  My guess is that if things get bad enough, Google might stop ranking many of the videos currently on the web all together.  But, hopefully Google will instead come up with a type of technology that will be able to decipher if the content on the video is actually relevant to the keyword phrases that the creator of the video optimized for.  In this case, the only people that would suffer would be the people who have used video marketing is a spam like way.

O.K., so those are 2 of my new google slap predictions.  Please, if you have any predictions as well, leave them in the comments of this blog post.  We all would like to avoid any future slaps so that we can all achieve our online goals. 

Daniel Pereira

Free Traffic Techniques: How To Generate Traffic And Sales Through Your Article Marketing

There is a specific process that you can follow to assure that you will generate sales through your article marketing.  I want to share this process with you today because there are a good amount of people who use article marketing for their businesses, but they generate very few sales through their efforts.  Here’s the steps that I take so that I can generate the most sales possible with my article marketing.

Step #1:  Make sure that you follow the “rules” so that you get your articles listed.  Whether you are submitting your articles online to the article directory sites, or offline through other methods, we all have to follow a few simple “rules” so that are articles will be accepted and published, remember to work smart not hard.  One of these rules is to never to your article into a sales pitch.  Another is to never place affiliate links within your articles.  These are sure ways of having your articles rejected.

Step #2:  Get your reader to the end of the article.  Some article marketers are really great at writing and they can create lengthy articles with great content.  Unfortunately, the longer the article, the smaller the chances of someone finishing your article.  Create each article so that it can get the highest number of readers finishing the entire thing.  This is a crucial step to follow for step three.

Step #3:  Finally mention your website and/or services.  At the end of your articles, most of the time you are able to place information about yourself along with your website.  This is done in the “about the author” box.  This is the box where you finally have the chance to make a small pitch.  Make a compelling offer that is going to get the reader to visit your website.  Maybe give them a free eBook or other free information for visiting.

Step #4:  Create your website so that it sells.  If you have made a compelling offer for your visitors, like a free mini course or HubSpot partner SalesHub eBook, make sure that you deliver that free information somewhere on the landing page.  You will want to capture their name and email address in exchange for the free information that you are providing, so make sure to set up your website so that you can capture that information for your email marketing.  After your prospect signs up for the free information, get them to continue reading your web page.  You will want to set up this landing page so that it turns into a sales letter for one of your products or services.  If they don’t decide to buy today, the great thing is that you will have captured their name and email address so that you can send them more free information and occasionally remind them of the product or service that you sell. 

Step #5:  Track your visitors to see if your process is working.  When this entire process is used correctly, you should accomplish the goals of:  sending your article readers to your website, capturing their email addresses, and then making sales.  If for some reason people aren’t visiting your website, fix things so that it will only make logical sense for people to visit your site after reading your article.  And if you are having troubles capturing email addresses, fix things on your website so that a larger number of your visitors give you their contact information.  And of course, if you aren’t making sales, fix your sales letter or figure out why your visitors aren’t buying.  Once you pinpoint problems and fine tune the process, your website can get to the point where your article marketing becomes a constant flow of visitors and sales on your website. 

Daniel Pereira

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Google Slaps: A Quick History

Here’s my free 69 page eBook on Google Slaps and how to avoid them:

There have been a few different Google Slaps that have taken place over the past few years, but everything started with the first “big” Google Slap back in July of 2006.  This was when Google started to really enforce their user guidelines for Google AdWords, and as a result, some advertisers saw jumps in AdWords prices from 20 to 50 cents per click to $1, $2, $5, and sometimes even $10 per click. 

This first big Google Slap was the slap that people truly defined as a slap.  After this one, there have been a few other times during the past years that people have seen even more enforcement of Google’s policies.  Here’s a link to an explanation of what some people viewed as a “slap” to blogs back in October of 2007:

This October 2007 slap seemed to affect or punish a number of bloggers who had used certain techniques to increase blog page rankings. 

Then, in 2008, some marketers during the month of March seemed to feel another slap.  Here’s the link:

This 2008 slap seems to be just another step that Google took in order to further enforce their Google AdWords guidelines.  This makes since that Google would do things in steps, as they would increase their technology and methods in order to weed out even more sites that have been using what some may call some of the “black hat” techniques across the web to further increase their profits. 

Please comment on this post to any other Google Slaps that you may know of. 

Daniel Pereira

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