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Tag: #1 Google rankings

Free Google Advertising: 2 Sure-Fire Techniques For Getting Advertising Free On Google!

The good news is that even though Google makes billions of dollars selling advertising, they also allow many ways for you to get free advertising.  The problem is that most people have no idea how to get advertising for free on Google.  What these people have failed to discover is that if you create and […]

Free Google Advertising: 3 Quick Ways To Dominate Your Google Rankings!

Have you heard of people who say they can get a top 10 Google ranking in less than 24 hours?  If you haven’t, and you think that this sound “too good to be true,”  then think again!  I have prepared this special article today to explain 3 different ways that you get a top 10 […]

Free Google Advertising: A Quick Example Of How We Got Free Advertising With Google In One Day…

Just a few days ago, Dan Dimit and I had a great opportunity to help our friend Kelli Roe. You see, there are some businesses hurt buy today’s economy and others that aren’t very affected at all. Kelli’s business? Well, Kelli is a hair dresser here in Utah, and she let us know that people […]

How To Rank #1 in Google in 48 hours!

I couldn’t believe it the first time I got a #1 Rank for Google in less than 48 hours.  Then I went back and saw months later that I still had the #2 spot.  That got me even more excited!  Most of this excitement steemed from the fact that I knew what I didn’t wasn’t just some […]