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Tag: advertise for free on google

Free Google Advertising: 2 Sure-Fire Techniques For Getting Advertising Free On Google!

The good news is that even though Google makes billions of dollars selling advertising, they also allow many ways for you to get free advertising.  The problem is that most people have no idea how to get advertising for free on Google.  What these people have failed to discover is that if you create and […]

Free Google Advertising: Daniel’s Secret Tool For Google SEO!

What’s my secret tool for Google SEO? Sitemap submissions: Some of you are familiar with Google Webmaster Central, and some of you probably aren’t. If you aren’t then you’ll need to know that the #1 most important thing you can do at Google Webmaster Central is submit a sitemap to Google. What will this […]

REAL Free Google Advertising: The 3 Steps I take For Free Advertising on Google

There are 3 steps I take in order to get free advertising through Google to my blog. Step #1: Market Research Step #2: Keyword Research Step #3: Staying consistent With My Posts The steps I take are different if I want to get free advertising using my videos, articles, or through a social networking site. […]

Free Google Advertising: A Quick Example Of How We Got Free Advertising With Google In One Day…

Just a few days ago, Dan Dimit and I had a great opportunity to help our friend Kelli Roe. You see, there are some businesses hurt buy today’s economy and others that aren’t very affected at all. Kelli’s business? Well, Kelli is a hair dresser here in Utah, and she let us know that people […]

Free Google Advertising and The Best Tricks For Optimizing Specifically For Google

With my experience and with my association with many “techies,” there are a few “tricks” that everyone seems to agree that works best for optimizing your website for Google. I’ll start with a quick story. For one of my websites, I was a victim of the infamous Google Slap. This means that Google wanted me […]

Free Google Advertising: 4 Tricks to Getting Free Advertising through Google

I used to really dislike Google when I was a newbie internet marketer because Google would receive a lot of my hard earned money. I wasn’t yet an expert at Adwords, so at times I would spend advertising dollars that got me zero results. Eventually I learned and was able to profit from certain keyword […]