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Tag: article marketing

Submitting Multiple Articles: Submit your articles to hundreds of websites free!

Let me start off with a question.  What do you think of when you see something like this:  Starting Point:  You Your message goes to 3 people Each of those 3 people share your message with another 3 people Those 9 each share your message with 3 people.  Etc. etc. etc. End result:  Your message […]

How Many Article Submissions Is Too Many?

Some people get the false impression that when it comes to submitting articles across the web that the more that you submit, the more exposure that you are going to get and the more free traffic you will obtain. Although I myself would love this to be the case (since I can easily write 5 […]

Low Budget Advertising Options: How To Get A Majority Of Your Website Traffic For Free!

What I am about to share with you are some really great ways for getting free advertising for your websites. There are a couple of websites that I own in which I only use these free traffic generating techniques, and I will never pay for advertising on these websites. Honestly, when you are getting thousands […]

The best length For Your Article Submissions

There is a basic rule that we all need to follow when we are submitting our articles to the many article directory sites. And if you decide to follow this one rule, chances are that your article will be accepted by the most number of these sites. That one rule is to create quality content […]