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Tag: article writing for free traffic

Free Traffic to your site: The REAL My Story Marketing

Here’s the real deal to show you what an SEO story can look like, particularly on myspace and you’ll see why this is a favorite site of mine. Follow these instructions with my myspace page as an example Here’s my favorite formula:   The MySpace Profile Formula is:   1. Personal Pictures (Helps […]

Free Traffic: What NOT to do in order to get website traffic.

What the DOES Dating have to do with getting people to buy my stuff? Well, they both start with relationship building.   To illustrate how relationship building on the Internet really works, here’s a quick story about an average guy… we’ll call him Rick.   Things had never come easily for Rick, but he worked […]

Submitting Multiple Articles: Submit your articles to hundreds of websites free!

Let me start off with a question.  What do you think of when you see something like this:  Starting Point:  You Your message goes to 3 people Each of those 3 people share your message with another 3 people Those 9 each share your message with 3 people.  Etc. etc. etc. End result:  Your message […]

How Many Article Submissions Is Too Many?

Some people get the false impression that when it comes to submitting articles across the web that the more that you submit, the more exposure that you are going to get and the more free traffic you will obtain. Although I myself would love this to be the case (since I can easily write 5 […]

Writing Short Articles for Easy Free Website Traffic

How you ever wondered what would be a great length for articles submitted to the article directory sites? Now, of course if you are writing an article just of the sake of writing it, then it really doesn’t matter if you write a few solid paragraphs, or if you write an entire 10 page essay. […]

Article Writing: Your Goldmine for Free Website Traffic!

Surprisingly, a very small percentage of websites have someone creating quality articles for them.  In fact many of the big and small websites that are growing in popularity are totally fine with giving thousands of dollars of their profits each month to big bad Google.  If you reading this article, then you’ve probably done it […]