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Tag: dan dimit

Free Traffic Techniques : How to use advanced My Story Marketing

Here’s the beginning of a new article that I haven’t submitted yet. Our subscribers get all the newest info FIRST!!   I like to tell my clients  to use their daily life situations and turn them into some kind of lesson pertaining to whatever they’re an expert in. When people continue to see, listen to, […]

Free Traffic Techniques: 3 levels of the Marketing Funnel Revisited

Here’s an article I just submitted. It is essentially the same story I talked about a few days ago in my blog post. This time it’s in hte for m of an article. Now you can see the difference. An article is a little more formal and I really can’t mention Martha Stewart’s name in […]

Free Traffic Reality: There are 3 levels in A Marketing Funnel

3 Levels: Expose, Involve, and Upgrade EXPOSE This is the first step in any business. In order to explain this system, let’s use another illustration: Martha Stewart. First, she has a TV show (free, valuable content). She probably mentions her website at least 3 times during the show and makes a compelling offer in order […]

Free Traffic: Email is good for return website traffic, but it ain’t everything.

We’ve been hearing adn seeing it everywhere, “Build a list” “The money is in the list!” Just Remember: Email is Just a Tool! It DOES help you get residual traffic to your website,and there is NO website that CANNOT benefit from an optin box and automatic email messages. The method of “email marketing” consists of […]

Free Traffic for your website: A couple of ideas that you might try, but they don’t work

You can fool the search engine (kinda) by putting your favorite keyword repeated in the title to get good rankings on the search engine. The problem with this (lazy) strategy is two-fold: First, it won’t last long, because they’re getting really smart in search engine math and technology. It’s definitely not a long-term strategy. Second, […]

Tips for Free Traffic: Permission Based Marketing

“Permission Marketing” On the Internet When Rick asked Samantha to dance, he was asking permission to spend a little time with her. Time they can both use to get to know each other a little better, and maybe even begin building a serious relationship. The keyword here is “Permission.” Samantha’s permission is a personal gift […]

Free traffic tips: Sometimes it’s about attitude.

I have had many people tell me over the years that what I do does not work… But then I found something that does work….My Story Marketing and I will tell you that the best revenge is SUCCESS…  You may get it in your mind that “If this opportunity will start working for me I […]

Free Traffic: The Formula for getting a “Fan Base”

You have to use your daily life situations and turn them into some kind of lesson pertaining to whatever you’re an expert in. When people continue to see, listen to, or read your stories you then become one of their favorite sources of news. I’m sure you remember when I told everyone about my sister-in-law […]

Free Traffic tips: The Psychology of “My Story Marketing”.

It is healthy to have these connections on hte web 2.0 sites. It would seem, the more, the better. One of the most lucrative endeavors I do is contributing to the needs of others without monetary gain. We all, as people, have this need. Tony Robbins, as well as psychiatrists, believes one of the basic […]

Free Traffic to your site: The REAL My Story Marketing

Here’s the real deal to show you what an SEO story can look like, particularly on myspace and you’ll see why this is a favorite site of mine. Follow these instructions with my myspace page as an example Here’s my favorite formula:   The MySpace Profile Formula is:   1. Personal Pictures (Helps […]