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Tag: free advertising on google

Free Google Advertising With Videos

About 1 week ago I shared with you how I get free Google Advertising for my blog, but today I want to share with you how I get top search engine rankings with my videos. This time I use 4 steps to make sure I get good rankings on the search engines with my videos: […]

Free Google Advertising: Daniel’s Secret Tool For Google SEO!

What’s my secret tool for Google SEO? Sitemap submissions: Some of you are familiar with Google Webmaster Central, and some of you probably aren’t. If you aren’t then you’ll need to know that the #1 most important thing you can do at Google Webmaster Central is submit a sitemap to Google. What will this […]

Free Advertising On Google: Why Some Site Owners Get Slapped And Others Get Confused

It’s probably my favorite reaction to the Google slap: “Why does anyone pay for advertising with Google? If you know anything about SEO and work at it a bit, you get great placement for free.” Now, the person who wrote this post was confused, and I now understand why. You see, getting free advertising on […]

REAL Free Google Advertising: The 3 Steps I take For Free Advertising on Google

There are 3 steps I take in order to get free advertising through Google to my blog. Step #1: Market Research Step #2: Keyword Research Step #3: Staying consistent With My Posts The steps I take are different if I want to get free advertising using my videos, articles, or through a social networking site. […]

Free Advertising With Google? The Hype Behind Free Google Ads Programs

I wanted to write this blog post today because I recently researched a product that claims that they can get you free Google AdWords. When I learned a little bit about how this product teaches you how this can be done, I immediately decided that I did not wish to purchase that product. So, here […]