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Tag: free Google traffic

Free Google Advertising and The Best Tricks For Optimizing Specifically For Google

With my experience and with my association with many “techies,” there are a few “tricks” that everyone seems to agree that works best for optimizing your website for Google. I’ll start with a quick story. For one of my websites, I was a victim of the infamous Google Slap. This means that Google wanted me […]

Free Google Advertising: 4 Tricks to Getting Free Advertising through Google

I used to really dislike Google when I was a newbie internet marketer because Google would receive a lot of my hard earned money. I wasn’t yet an expert at Adwords, so at times I would spend advertising dollars that got me zero results. Eventually I learned and was able to profit from certain keyword […]

How To Reverse The Google Slap And Start Getting Your Website Ranked

I almost cried!  In fact, maybe I did cry, I actually don’t remember.  But, if I didn’t cry then I was defnietly cursing under my breath and plotting ways to destroy Google, which isn’t very typical behavior for a grown Mormon man living in Utah.  You see, I was very excited when I had finally […]

How To Rank #1 in Google in 48 hours!

I couldn’t believe it the first time I got a #1 Rank for Google in less than 48 hours.  Then I went back and saw months later that I still had the #2 spot.  That got me even more excited!  Most of this excitement steemed from the fact that I knew what I didn’t wasn’t just some […]