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Tag: free traffic generation

Free Traffic: Email is good for return website traffic, but it ain’t everything.

We’ve been hearing adn seeing it everywhere, “Build a list” “The money is in the list!” Just Remember: Email is Just a Tool! It DOES help you get residual traffic to your website,and there is NO website that CANNOT benefit from an optin box and automatic email messages. The method of “email marketing” consists of […]

Free Traffic for your website: A couple of ideas that you might try, but they don’t work

You can fool the search engine (kinda) by putting your favorite keyword repeated in the title to get good rankings on the search engine. The problem with this (lazy) strategy is two-fold: First, it won’t last long, because they’re getting really smart in search engine math and technology. It’s definitely not a long-term strategy. Second, […]

Free Traffic to your site: The REAL My Story Marketing

Here’s the real deal to show you what an SEO story can look like, particularly on myspace and you’ll see why this is a favorite site of mine. Follow these instructions with my myspace page as an example Here’s my favorite formula:   The MySpace Profile Formula is:   1. Personal Pictures (Helps […]

Free Traffic: Part 2 of What NOT to do for free website traffic.

In the business world, what happened in the last post is a form of “Interruption Marketing,” a term coined by an Internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin, in his book, “Permission Marketing.”  (great book by the way) Godin estimates that the average American is exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages every day, so many darned ads […]

Free Traffic: What NOT to do in order to get website traffic.

What the DOES Dating have to do with getting people to buy my stuff? Well, they both start with relationship building.   To illustrate how relationship building on the Internet really works, here’s a quick story about an average guy… we’ll call him Rick.   Things had never come easily for Rick, but he worked […]

Free Traffic Generation: Prepare for the Marathon!

Well, I finally did it!  On Septemeber 20th I ran my first marathon, and let me tell you, generating free traffic to your websites has a whole lot of things in common with marathon training.  In fact, I did an amazing job at comparing the two when I was training for this marathon.  (By the […]