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Tag: free traffic tips

Avoid The Google Slap And Make Google Happy Again!

Here’s probably the #1 resource on the web to avoid the Google Slap.  It’s a free 69 page eBook that I have written for you called “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!” So, what is my #1 secret for avoiding the Google Slap and making Google happy?  Well, it is […]

More Free Traffic Creating Multiples Of The Same Video (Multiplying Your Video Marketing Efforts)

I am about to share with you a great secret that will directly multiply your efforts in your video marketing.  As a fair warning, some people may see this tactic as a “black hat” technique to video marketing.  Personally, I find nothing wrong with it, but if you feel like that this would be considered […]

2 Words: Free Traffic. That is why Social Marketing Rocks!

It’s official!  Social marketing is in and paying for my advertising is out.  You see, ever since I have discovered the power of using social marketing in my businesses, I have paid less and less for my advertising, and for some businesses, my advertising cost is a big fat zero.  How can all of this […]

Free Traffic Techniques : How to use advanced My Story Marketing

Here’s the beginning of a new article that I haven’t submitted yet. Our subscribers get all the newest info FIRST!!   I like to tell my clients  to use their daily life situations and turn them into some kind of lesson pertaining to whatever they’re an expert in. When people continue to see, listen to, […]

Free Traffic Programs: The Evergreen Traffic System, Yes or No?

This is a review of what I consider to be another great product.  I normally dislike doing reviews on products that aren’t spectacular.  Why?  Well, whenever I read bad reviews, it normally sound like somebody complaining, and frankly, I don’t like hearing people complain.  So, you aren’t going to hear me be very critical about […]

Blogging for traffic: Getting Tons of free traffic using free blog websites.

There are a few really great websites that you can easily join in order to add your blog to their directory.  As a result you can drive more free traffic to your blogs.  Also, you can incorporate some of these websites on your own blog so that people can incorporate one of the many rankings […]

Free Traffic Techniques: 3 levels of the Marketing Funnel Revisited

Here’s an article I just submitted. It is essentially the same story I talked about a few days ago in my blog post. This time it’s in hte for m of an article. Now you can see the difference. An article is a little more formal and I really can’t mention Martha Stewart’s name in […]

Free Traffic Secrets: Here Are The Best Secrets For Getting Free Online Advertising!

It’s really funny, I used to think that I would never be one of the internet marketers that had my websites come up at the top of the search engine results.  And the reason I thought this was because I thought that it was never ending battle to get to the top.  So, I basically […]

7 Free Traffic Tips (That Actually Work!): Part 2

Alright, yesterday I shared the first of 3 great free traffic tips that actually work.  Here are the other 4! Tip #4:  You need to take your blog and article content and engage in video marketing. Once you have taken all the time to create great blog posts and articles, why not create a video […]

Free Traffic Reality: There are 3 levels in A Marketing Funnel

3 Levels: Expose, Involve, and Upgrade EXPOSE This is the first step in any business. In order to explain this system, let’s use another illustration: Martha Stewart. First, she has a TV show (free, valuable content). She probably mentions her website at least 3 times during the show and makes a compelling offer in order […]