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Tag: Generating Free Traffic with Web 2.0 and Social Marketing

Social Marketing allows you to have your own TV show

Think about your YouTube channel as your own online TV station…because that’s what it is. If you owned your own TV station you would be coming up with fresh, new content. That was the idea behind YouTube all along. The idea that average everyday people could become Stars! That’s what you are! The star of […]

How to use market research in social marketing, Part 2

Here’s a continuation of the last post so you don’t feel like I left you high and dry (by the way, this is a great way to get people to buy your info products, etc. Kinda like a movie trailer…Now that youve started it, you HAVE TO FINISH IT!) You should base your research on […]

Here’s an outline for telling your story for Marketing Purposes

 This is one of my favorite (NO, not just ’cause it’s easy…okay, maybe it is) things to do with the web 2.0 social marketing websites. You just introduce yourself and tell the world you’ve arrived. Tell a little about yourself, just enough to let them relate to you. Intro Here quickly state your name and what you […]

Why Use Web 2.0 and Social Marketing in Your Business?

I wouldn’t lie, and this is exciting:  Ever since I started discovering the true potential behind Web 2.0 and many of the Social Networking sites across the web, I haven’t paid for PPC advertising for the majority of my websites.  If you truly discover how to use these techniques, then you won’t have to use […]