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Tag: google slapping

Google Slaps: Here’s what you should do immediately!

#1:  Download my free eBook on how to fix the Google Slap (69 page PDF, yours free).  Here’s the link: #2:  Don’t pay the $1, $2, $5 or $10 per click that Google might be asking for.  They have increased your AdWords costs because you have done something wrong.  If you pay these higher […]

Google Slapping: What if you could slap back?

Is Google slapping you?  Here’s what you’ll want to do first:  I wrote an entire eBook and I give it away for free on the Google slap called:  “How to Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”  You can download it now! So, if Google starts slapping you, what could you possible do […]

Google Slaps: A Quick History

Here’s my free 69 page eBook on Google Slaps and how to avoid them: There have been a few different Google Slaps that have taken place over the past few years, but everything started with the first “big” Google Slap back in July of 2006.  This was when Google started to really enforce their […]

What is the Google Slap?

I cover the concept of the Google Slap along with how to fix things in my free eBook:  “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic!”  You can download it right now (69 pages): So, what is the Google Slap?  What exactly are people referring to when they talk about getting slapped […]

Avoid The Google Slap: Grow A Blog!

I’ve written an entire eBook that I give away for free on how to avoid the google slap.  Here it is… One of the major secrets to avoiding the Google Slap will be for you to grow a blog, and more specifically, to grow that blog and host it on your actual site.  To somebody […]

The Google Slap: Exactly How To Get Your AdWords Account Back To Normal

So, you’ve been slapped by Google?  Maybe you went a day or two being able to pay 20 or 30 cents per click, but now Google wants $1, $2, $5, or $10 for those same clicks?  Well, back in the day the same thing happened to me.  Luckily, I know exactly how to fix things, […]

My Google Slap Horror Story

This blog post tells the world how I got slapped by Google.  Luckily, I was able to fight through things and fix them!  This is a longer blog post than usual because this post represents a few pages out of my free eBook “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic.”  You can […]

Google Slap: 3 Different Reactions To The Google Slap and How To Avoid It

Here’s my free 69 page eBook:  “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic”  just right click and “save target as” in order to save this book to your computer… I did a bit of research in order to discover the different ways that people were affected by the Google Slap.  A […]

How To Fix The Google Slap: For Free!

O.K., so this whole Google Slap phenomenon has turned into a big ticket problem for internet advertisers across the web.  The great news is that there are easy ways to fix this slap, but other internet marketers want you to believe that there are complex and difficult ways that you need to implement in order […]

What exactly is the Google Slap?

Before we get into what this Google Slap thing is all about, you’ll want to know that I have a free book on the topic:  “How To Reverse The Google Slap For Free Google Traffic.”  It is a 69 page guide that teaches you everything you need to know.  You can grab it now at […]