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Tag: internet marketing

Search Engine Optimization for your Capture Page

Everyone in direct sales that has a replicated website must have a capture page for differentiation purposes. Whether you’re in real estate, insurance, network marketing, or any other direct selling field, you probably  know the importance of branding yourself to keep yourself apart from others. It’s also a great tool to build a prospecting list.  […]

SO ya want to be an Expert in your Niche, but have no experience…

Let me show you how I got around all this worrisome stuff. Even though I failed many times, and tried a lot of things that didn’t work, I accumulated a lot of knowledge along the way that would be beneficial to others, to help them avoid the pitfalls I went through and the mistakes I […]

Who will teach me how to be successful?

Whom do I study most? One of my golden rules of marketing on the internet is “Study your competition and those you admire.” I’ve been able to achieve the kind of success that I have today because of one reason… I constantly learn from others who are where I want to be, and apply their […]