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Tag: Success secrets

How to research your market and use the info in social marketing

We preach “My Story Marketing” constantly in our training, so I’d say it’s appropriate to start with a story. This is what happened with Daniel Pereira and his first attempt at writing and marketing a digitally delivered product. He’s going to wish physiacl harm on me for telling you this…sshh…maybe he won’t notice this post. He […]

Here’s a story…

The one thing I want to encourage you to do above all else is to continue to educate yourself. If you aren’t of this mindset, you will never be able to be successful long-term. To really make the kind of money that can set you free, you’ve got to acquire an insatiable appetite for anything […]

What’re they thinking?

There are gurus out there that are selling the same info we GIVE AWAY. Now when I say “sell”, I mean for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Let me share some thoughts that will ensure you aren’t taken to the cleaners by these people for five grand or whatever. Not that it’s not worth $5K, but why […]

Who will teach me how to be successful?

Whom do I study most? One of my golden rules of marketing on the internet is “Study your competition and those you admire.” I’ve been able to achieve the kind of success that I have today because of one reason… I constantly learn from others who are where I want to be, and apply their […]