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The Google Slap: How A Company Made Me Cry

I hope you appreciate my honesty when I tell you that once upon a time an actual company made me cry.  What company was it?  Well, it was Google, and the reason why is because I became a Google Slap victim.  Luckily, I learned the error of my ways and I have written an entire book teaching people about the Google Slap and how to avoid it.  I am giving this book away today for free!  Download this book now…

O.K., so to finish my story on how a company made me cry, you’ll need to know that I got slapped because of a brand new website that I launched.  I learned that in order to truly increase sales that you need to create your home page in sales letter format.  As a result, my new website ended up being only two pages:  a sales letter and an order page.  Google does not find a 2 page website relevant!

Now, I probably wouldn’t have cried if this 2 page website along with the product didn’t take me about 4 months to create.  You see, I was selling on this site my very first eBook, and I wanted to make sure that it was the best info available to my niche market.  I am proud to say that I succeeded!  After “reversing” the Google Slap, this eBook went on to become the most popular in my market niche.  How did I reverse the Google Slap?  Well, I tell you how I did it step-by-step in the free eBook.  Make sure to download this eBook today and enjoy!

Daniel Pereira


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